Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

The highest Roman Catholic authority explains that Christ’s payment of the penalty of sin leaves the repentant sinner under the obligation to purge himself by his own suffering. Thus the suffering of others can accomplish what Christ’s could not; and the sacrifice of the Mass can accomplish what was left undone by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Vatican II blasphemously declares that believers have always “carried their crosses to make expiation for their own sins and the sins of others … [to] help their brothers obtain salvation from God. …”

The Roman Catholic dogma that what Christ did on the cross was insufficient is shared by the Orthodox Church. As only one example, consider the annual 170-kilometer Russian “Sinners’ March” across wilderness terrain to the village of Vyelikoryetskaya, about 1000 kilometers northeast of Moscow. Carrying the icon of St. Nikolai the Miracle Worker, the marchers “plod forward as much as 20 hours a day,” exulting in the suffering they endure for their own and others’ salvation. Explained one young man in the 1996 march, “Our aim in life is to carry a cross in order to gain eternal salvation.”