Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Christian psychologists are left holding the self-esteem bag. Even youth are fed up with the phoniness. As one student put it, “Being praised for everything makes you feel worse. You ask yourself, if everything is getting praised, what is worth doing?” A Washington Post reporter wrote:

“You know those self-esteem champions…who preach children should be told over and over again how wonderful they are? Close your eyes and imagine that you are perfect, goes one of their exercises. Write down five things that make you special, goes another. Boost the self-esteem of a child, self-esteem proponents say, and you will see achievement soar. Teach self-esteem and youth won’t be tempted to pop drugs or have babies. ‘Self-esteem can save lives’…[and] scientists have designed more than 200 measurements and made more than 10,000 studies in an attempt to prove this. The data, however, have not complied…. But new voices are emerging, saying teaching self-esteem is a waste of time and resources, a dangerous distraction from truly significant tasks of building knowledge, skills and character….”