Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

“Welcome to California, the state of self-esteem.” That was the title of a preposterous 1990 California Self-Esteem Task Force report asserting that “the lack of self-esteem is central to most personal and social ills plaguing our nation.” However, after many years of study, California’s Task Force failed to find evidence to support its claims. The Minneapolis Star Tribune documented that sex offenders who received the state’s psychological treatment (much of it emphasizing the building up of self-esteem) were “more likely to commit new sex crimes than those who did not receive treatment.” Roy Baumeister, a professor of psychology at Case Western Reserve University who has spent decades studying the subject, says:

“The [claims of the self-esteem movement] range from fantasy to hogwash…. It’s alarming to think what will happen when this generation of schoolchildren grows up thinking they’re smarter than the rest of the world. America will be a land of conceited fools.”