Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

An equally deadly form of shamanism now part of the occult invasion through “Christian” psychology is visualization. In fact, it is the most powerful occult technique known and is the method used by most shamans for acquiring spirit guides. Will Baron learned it in the New Age cult to which he belonged:

“We finally imagined ourselves seated under a tree in a beautiful garden called the garden of the soul. These techniques were to balance the mind, body, and emotions and to open us to the higher self and receive communication from the masters. After about five minutes of silent meditation, Muriel spoke again. ‘We invite the presence and the energy of our beloved master, Djwhal Khul…. Do not use your minds…. Listen to the voice of God.’ After a time of silence, Muriel spoke again, ‘We are going to go around the light circle in sequence and channel Master Jesus.’”

To Will’s amazement, the members of the group began to receive transmissions from “Jesus.” Of course, this was not the Jesus of the Bible. A spirit masquerading as Jesus appears to those who visualize him, whether Christians or New Agers.