Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

In Catholicism there is no assurance of salvation, so even the saints often expressed the fear that they might not attain heaven. Their salvation depends upon their good deeds, their suffering, and their sacrifices for others instead of upon the finished work of Christ. Conscience rightly denies that any of us is “good enough” to meet God’s standard.

The Padre Pio Gazette recently referred to the many attacks that Pio suffered (or so he believed) at the hands of Satan, attacks that left him “bloodied, bruised and swollen.” Again, no such account is found in the Bible. To be beaten by demons (a common occurrence for the monks at Mt. Athos, the Vatican of Greek Orthodoxy) is an occult manifestation. The Gazette told of the doubts that plagued Pio:

“Not so evident, but even more devastating, however, were the attacks on his soul. Those “thoughts of despair, distrust in God. …”