Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Is Oral deliberately deceiving his followers in order to receive a “seed-faith” offering from them, or is he truly deluded into thinking he is getting revelations from God? The News-Sentinel of Knoxville, Tennessee, published this letter to the editor:

“Upon the urging of my terminally ill wife I poured hundreds of dollars into Oral Roberts Empire. She was brainwashed into the belief that he and God would restore her…. Approximately one year after her death, she received a letter over the signature of Oral Roberts in which he claimed that he had a talk with God the previous night who had assured him that my wife would be made whole…. This so much incensed me that I turned the letter over and replied in substance that he was a liar; that God never told him any such thing; that God knew she had been in heaven for about a year…. I received no reply. When are we gullible people going to stop channeling monies to these (whatever); providing them Cadillacs…etc.?”