Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

One of the newest “miracles” is the “tears of blood” which have been seen coming from the eyes of a “small white plaster statue of Our Lady” purchased originally in Medjugorje. Located in the city of Civitavecchia, about 50 miles northeast of Rome on the Italian coast, the statue is attracting as many as 30,000 pilgrims in one day. In their impatience to get close enough to the statue “to see, to beseech, to reflect, to pray,” the crowd often becomes unruly. A team of ten experts was sent from Rome to investigate and reported:

(1) The eyewitnesses were credible …;

(2) The red liquid [coming from the eyes] was in fact … male human blood;

(3) There was no mechanism or trick … which could explain the flow of blood from the statue’s eyes … no evidence of fabrication or hoax.

Male blood from a statue of Mary? Fr. Aristide Serra, a professor at Rome’s “Marianum,” suggests that this “points to the blood of Christ shed for the world. …” It also points to the unbiblical belief which the Pope is hoping to announce as a new dogma, that Mary is “Co-Redemptrix” with Christ. Again we see the exaltation of Mary through occult means.