Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

This preposterous prophecy also plays a part in Pat’s view of the kingdom and the last days, to which we will refer in a later chapter. The prophecy, of course, was used for fundraising, with phrases such as “The time had arrived to usher in the second coming of Jesus! And I’d like to invite you now to be part of the greatest spiritual breakthrough the world has ever known, through your faith-stretching gift today. And I’m asking you to give today as you’ve never given before, to prepare the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Who could refuse such an appeal? The gift response sheet was headlined in large, bold letters “USHER IN THE COMING OF THE LORD” and said in part:

“Jesus is coming back…and it may be sooner than we think! And today I’m urging you to help usher in the coming of the Lord. Please respond immediately by sending your gift with your reply card today. Yes, Pat! I want to help usher in the coming of Jesus by preparing Israel and the world for Christ’s return to earth! [Note, this is not the rapture.]”