Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

The late Mother Teresa continually prayed the Rosary for her salvation. Padre Pio relied on the Rosary as his “weapon” against Satan. We have previously quoted Pope John Paul II in his declaration that the Rosary is “the medicine” against all the evil with which Satan tries to inflict us. Said the Pope, “Pray, pray [the Rosary] … leave everything else up to the Madonna.” To attribute magic power to the repetition of a formula is to invite the occult into one’s life.

All of this seeking for salvation and forgiveness through “saints,” images, relics, scapulars, medals, formulas and repetition of the Mass denies the efficacy of Christ’s completed (“It is finished!”) sacrifice on the cross. To look to anyone or anything in addition to Christ (which is the very essence of Roman Catholicism) is to reject the salvation He offers as a gift of God’s grace.