Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Kenneth Hagin talks about God’s “law of faith.” Yonggi Cho teaches the same, admitting that the “Laws of the Fourth Dimension” will work miracles for occultists as well as for Christians. In fact, he faults the Christians for not using these laws for success, while the occultists have been doing so. Pat tells us the eight “laws of the kingdom.” As with Cho, Hagin, and others, Robertson sees these laws as applying to anyone, even the ungodly. We are back to Christian Science and its occult connection! Pat explains:

“I began to realize there are principles in the kingdom…as valid for our lives as the laws of thermodynamics or the law of gravity…. Once we perceive this secret, we realize anew that the Bible is not an impractical book of theology, but rather a practical book of life containing a system of thought and conduct that will guarantee success…. He said in effect, ‘Seek the kingdom, understand the way it works, and then, as day follows night…the evidences of earthly success will follow you….’ These were principles so universal they might better be considered as laws, in the same sense as the natural laws established by God…. Jesus…said bluntly, ‘If you do these things, this will happen.’ If applied, the principles would simply work…. Unfortunately, such people as Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think and Grow Rich, have gleaned only a few of the truths of the kingdom of God…. Some of the metaphysical principles of the kingdom, taken by themselves, can produce fantastic temporal benefits….”