Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

That this was a false vision and prophecy is now history. There were no miracles, no cure for cancer, and the hospital that “Jesus” told him to build soon went bankrupt. In his autobiography, Expect a Miracle: My Life and Ministry, Oral tries to make it appear that this was exactly what God had planned and there was no failure at all: “It was God’s time to close the City of Faith and medical and dental schools.” The media, however, unlike Roberts’ followers, were not deceived:

“Oral Roberts’ dream of a hospital combining religious faith and medical technology is coming to an end. The evangelist, sued over past-due bills, is selling his City of Faith medical complex, which he said God told him to build. He began shutting down the complex—three towering buildings…in 1989…. The 777-bed hospital, opened in 1981, reached a peak of only 148 patients in 1984.”