Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Oral Roberts claims to have discovered that the sick were healed when he touched them with his right hand, not with his left. Again this is occultism—and few, if any, were actually healed. Nowhere in the Bible can this “sign” be found, but it has occurred among a number of occultists and false prophets, such as William Branham, who himself was never sure whether it was God or Satan who gave him his power, but “felt God” in his left. Said Roberts:

“I was hearing God say to me that henceforth I would experience His presence in my right hand…. For sure, God’s presence coming in my right hand was a sign to great numbers of sick people that there is a God and it is His nature to heal. When it came, it was unmistakable. I mean, it was there! When it is not there, I was so ordinary, everyone knew it was not there.”