Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Some of Oral’s ingenious money-raising gimmicks involve outright occultism. For example, he mailed two tiny “miracle candles,” one red and one green, to his “prayer partners” to be used in a “miracle candlelight service.” The instructions provided along with the candles read in part:

“Your miracle candlelight service is set for December 24th. Return the red candle to me today. Keep the green candle and light it on December 24th, as we agree for your miracle. I believe that God has a Christmas miracle in store for you! As I wrote those words, “GOD HAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IN STORE FOR YOU,” what a tremendous outburst of the Holy Spirit came through me for you. I do believe that you are on the eve of a truly great Christmas miracle…! I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is leading me to take some very specific steps for you, and that is why I have sent you two miracle Christmas candles…. What I feel the Lord is asking me to do…could bring a priceless miracle from God for you. He has asked me to light a candle and ignite my faith for your miracle needs. AND I’M GOING TO DO IT IN JESUS’ NAME. In fact, I have asked Richard to join me in this…as we together conduct a private personal Miracle Candlelight Service for you and your miracle needs. Together, we are going to light a candle (as our miracle point of contact with you) and release our faith for your Christmas miracle. [Emphasis in original.]”