Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

What blasphemy to claim God’s leading for their occult charade! The red candle was to be returned to Oral and the green candle was to be kept for lighting on Christmas Eve, when Oral and his son Richard would light the red ones they had received. Of course, there was the inevitable plan for money, presented as though it were the secret to miracles:

“When you send your Candlelight Miracle Request Sheet and the red candle to me, INCLUDE A MIRACLE SEED OF FAITH—a Christmas gift to God’s work…for your miracle Christmas need…. I count it a personal privilege to minister to you and light a candle of miracle faith (as our point of contact together for your needs to be met)…. Now…RUSH me your Candlelight Miracle Request Sheet—along with the red miracle candle AND THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT OF FAITH THAT YOU POSSIBLE CAN GIVE RIGHT NOW. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this Christmas. [Person’s name]—I am really speaking from my heart when I tell you that I don’t want you to miss out on this miracle day! Words fail to adequately describe just how strongly I sense the presence of God in this…. [Person’s name], let me remind you again to act immediately. When we begin to light the red miracle candles on December 24th—I WANT YOURS TO BE THERE—AND I WANT YOU TO RECEIVE YOUR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE [emphasis in original].”

Does he have no conscience? This is pure witchcraft. Included in the envelope was a large poster showing Oral and Richard lighting red candles, Oral holding a bundle of “Miracle Request Sheets” in his hands, and Richard with hands extended over stacks of such sheets, both men showing expressions of great concern and earnest zeal.