Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

In the same category as the occult devices named above is the charismatics’ “point of contact.” Oral Roberts has called this his “greatest discovery.” In the fund-raising letter quoted above candles were the “point of contact.” W. V. Grant has sent an outline of his feet for recipients to stand upon as the point of contact. Oral has several times sent an outline of his hand for followers to place their hands upon as the point of contact. Other “faith teachers” have their own variations of this occult technique—and over television, the TV screen itself for viewers to touch. In a fund-raising letter, Roberts said:

“Begin right now: Take the enclosed point-of-contact reminder poster and put it…where you will not be able to miss seeing it every day. Place your hand over mine and say out loud, ‘I’m joining my faith with Oral Roberts…I’m expecting my miracle…. Take your prayer sheet and be sure to…TRACE YOUR RIGHT HAND on the prayer sheet…then write down your needs on the hand. I WANT TO ANOINT YOUR REQUESTS IN THE PRAYER TOWER ON JULY 28TH AND PLACE MY HAND OVER THE TRACING OF YOUR HAND, AS I RELEASE THIS EXPLOSIVE FAITH FOR A MIRACLE SUPPLY FOR YOU! Don’t forget to check the square that lets me know that you want to receive a personal vial of anointing oil…when you receive it…apply that oil, in the name of Jesus, to every area of need that you have… [emphasis in original].”