Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

TBC Staff

John and Paula Sandford confess that Agnes Sanford was “for all of the forerunner in the field of inner healing…[and] our own first mentor in the Lord, our friend and advisor….” Those trained by Sanford included Roman Catholic leader Francis MacNutt. This “mentor” of today’s inner healers taught that:

“God’s love was blacked out from man by the negative thought-vibration of this sinful…world…. So our Lord…lowered his thought-vibrations that surround this globe…. Therefore since He became a very part of the collective unconscious of the race, when He died upon the cross a part of humanity died with him…[and] an invisible and personalized energy of our spirits has already ascended with Him into the heavens…. His blood, that mysterious life-essence…remains upon this earth, in plasma form, blown by the winds…to every land…exploding in a chain reaction of spiritual power…. We direct this great flow of life into a closed mind…by doing penance for the sins of the world, or for [a] particular [person]…. And by taking that one [by visualization] to the cross of Christ and there receiving for him forgiveness, healing and life…. I have learned to combine the sacramental with the metaphysical approach…the metaphysical methods.”