Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

The thesis of Quenching was previously presented by de Arteaga in Past Life Visions (1983): “The Holy Spirit will flow into occult groups if it [sic] is blocked out by Orthodox Christians” (page 17). He lauds Agnes Sanford’s incredibly heretical The Healing Light (page 132); defends her belief in a pre-earth human existence (pages 145-146); seems to embrace evolution of man from lower species (page 126); declares that “ghosts” are “earthbound souls” (page 187) who may legitimately communicate with the living (page 182); and claims that the dead should be ministered to by the church (page 183). He argues that reincarnation is biblical and was even “validated by Jesus” (pages 197-209) and that such a gospel is helpful for India because it allows “the Hindu to maintain…the concept of karma-reincarnation” (page 215). He also recommends regression into past lives as a standard method of spiritual healing (pages 151-163). Leading charismatics take comfort in having the support of such a heretic!