Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

By making the rules and regulating and dispensing the alleged graces through the usage of “holy objects,” the Church enslaves its members, who must look to it for salvation. Such objects must be used repeatedly to obtain further installments toward eternal life. There is no end of the objects in which Roman Catholics place their hope for eternity. Consider the following from one of the most prestigious Catholic magazines, Inside the Vatican:

“Pope Celestine V gave a Holy Door to the Cathedral of Maria Collemaggio in his Bull of 29 September, 1294. To obtain this “perdonanza” indulgence, it’s necessary to be in the Cathedral between 18:00 (6 P.M.) 28 August and 18:00 (6 P.M.) 29 August, to truly repent of one’s sins, and to confess and go to mass and communion within 8 days of the visit. The Holy Door is open [for 24 hours] every year, but this year, 1994, is the 700th anniversary of the Bull of Pardon. Go there! (emphasis in original).”