Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

On November 10, 1989, the Miami Arena rang with the songs, prayers, and victory shouts of 10,000 enthusiastic Christians. They had been promised a “spiritual breakthrough” by Larry Lea. Backed by 430 local pastors demonstrating an essential unity, Lea identified specific spirits of violence, drugs, witchcraft, greed, etc. that dominated Miami and vowed, “These spirits will not dominate this area.” He declared that God showed him “the Strongman of Greed” holding back the wealth of the wicked, wealth which belonged to Christians, and that “if we bind the Strongman of Greed, the wealth of the nations will be given to the church” and to individual Christians. The excited audience joined Lea in wielding an “imaginary sword” and hacking this demon to pieces.

There has been no noticeable reduction in violence, drugs, etc. in the Miami area, nor a transfer of the “wealth of the wicked” to Christians. Nor has there been any detectable drop in homosexuality in San Francisco since Lea led Christians there, years ago, in binding the spirit of that sin.