Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

There was, says Wagner, “Gregory the Wonderworker,” whose presence (according to tradition) shut down an idol in a pagan temple. Yet, as the story goes, upon the plea of the pagan priest, Gregory gave permission for the demon to function through the idol again. What a contradictory myth! Wagner then quotes a historian to the effect that it was the “manhandling of demons—humiliating them, making them howl, beg for mercy, tell their secrets” that drew converts into the church. Humiliating and making demons howl hardly sounds biblical—and it was an apostate church these “converts” entered. Remember, St. Augustine said that this church was filled with “people wearing amulets…clients of sorcerers, astrologers…[who] fill the theatres on pagan holidays.” It sounds as though Satan had the last laugh.