Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Vatican II declares, “For it is the liturgy through which, especially in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, ‘the work of our redemption is accomplished. …’ ” In contrast, the Bible says that our redemption was accomplished on the cross alone (Romans:3:24; Ephesians:1:7; Colossians:1:14; Hebrews:9:12, etc.). Rome’s greatest heresy is the denial of the full efficacy of Christ’s sacrifice as a completed transaction for all time, and its claim that the Mass is a continuation of that sacrifice:

“Finally the Mass is the divinely ordained means of applying the merits of Calvary. Christ won for the world all the graces it needs for salvation and sanctification. But these blessings are conferred gradually and continually … mainly through the Mass. Consequently, the Mass is a truly propitiatory sacrifice, which means that by this oblation ‘the Lord is appeased, He grants grace … and He pardons wrongdoings and sins, even grave

ones.’ If anyone says that the sacrifice of the mass … is a mere commemoration of the sacrifice consummated on the cross but not a propitiatory one … and ought not to be offered for the living and the dead, for sins, punishments, satisfactions, and other necessities, let him be anathema.”