Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Of course, it is spiritual warfare through which this takeover of the world is to be accomplished. When Christians are in control, so this teaching says, Christ will return to earth, not to rapture us to heaven, but to rule over the kingdom we have established. Here is how Gary D. Kinnaman, a leader in the spiritual warfare movement, explains and promotes it in his book Overcoming the Dominion of Darkness:

“Actually, the Great Commission…is a recommissioning to represent the authority of the King in every aspect of life. The Commission was first given in Genesis 1…we were created to rule, to have dominion…. Jesus came to resurrect the Kingdom Commission: ‘Have dominion…upon the earth’ (Genesis:1:28)…. He destroyed the base of the kingdom of darkness and made it possible once again for God’s people to fulfill the Genesis commission to have dominion.”