Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

This raises another concern: That much of today’s preaching of the gospel is characterized by emotional appeals to “make a decision for Christ” without clearly explaining the GOSPEL! Multitudes attracted to Christ because of His winsome personality and admirable character, or because “He changes lives” or heals bodies or prospers businesses, have not truly believed the gospel. Thus, sadly, they are not saved at all. How often have we witnessed a psychological, even hypnotic, manipulation of the audience to obtain “decisions.” No one can do this more effectively than Steve Hill, the evangelist at Pensacola. He uses every trick for pulling people forward, and it all somehow passes for the leading of the Holy Spirit. Such manipulation was evident that famous Father’s Day in 1995. Far from being a “spontaneous move of the Spirit” as claimed, the “revival” began with much coaxing and fleshly effort on Hill’s part and with little comparative result.