Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Gary praises Pope John Paul II and the Vatican’s New Evangelization 2000 as well as Fr. Tom Forrest, who heads it, and suggests that the Roman Catholic “gospel” is the true gospel. One of the endorsers of Gary’s book is Fr. Tom Forrest. To know what the Vatican means by evangelization and the dishonesty of its pretense of working with evangelicals, one need only consider the following excerpts from the speech Forrest have to a Catholic-only audience at a typical “unity” conference of Catholic and Protestant charismatics:

“Our role in evangelization is not just to make Christians…[but to] bring…them into the Catholic Church…. Now listen again to the words of Paul VI…. ‘The commitment of someone newly evangelized…must be given concrete and visible form through entry into…the Church, our visible sacrament of salvation….’ I like saying those words…’ Our visible sacrament of salvation’…and if that is what the Church is, we have to be evangelizing into the Church…. No, you don’t just invite someone to become a Christian. You invite them to become Catholics…. Why would this be so important?...First of all, there are seven sacraments, and the Catholic Church has all seven…. On our altars we have the body of Christ, we drink the blood of Christ. Jesus is alive on our altars as offering…. And it [this offering of Jesus]…opens the doors of Paradise…. As Catholics we have Mary…. And that Mom of ours, Queen of Paradise, is praying for us till she sees us in glory. As Catholics we have…popes from Peter to John Paul II…the rock upon which Christ did build His Church…. As Catholics—now I love this one—we have purgatory! Thank God! I’m one of those people that would never get to the Beatific Vision without it. It’s the only way to go…. So as Catholics…our job is…evangelizing everyone we can into the Catholic Church, into the body of Christ, and into the third millennium of Catholic history….”