Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Matching the Pope’s apparent blindness was the naïve praise of Muslims by President Clinton, speaking from the White House on January 12, 1997: “By experiencing hunger during Ramadan, the followers of Muhammad learn true compassion for the poor of the world who go hungry every day. [But the Muslims feast each night!] By reflecting on God’s teachings in the Koran, they learn humility and the beauty of forgiveness. [But the Koran commands to slay all non-Muslims!] And, by their example of devotion and self-discipline during Ramadan, Moslems remind us all that our true strength is derived, not from food and drink, but from closeness to God. As the crescent room [Allah’s symbol] marks the beginning of Ramadan again this year, Hillary and I extend our best wishes for a holy and memorable observance.”