Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

John Paul II declared that “the Second Vatican Council…recognized that in diverse religious traditions there is something true and good, the seeds of the Word. It encouraged Christ’s disciples to discover ‘the riches which a generous God has distributed among the nations.’” Try to imagine Moses suggesting that Israel “discover the riches” to be found in the religions of the idol-worshiping pagans around them! A Catholic critic of his Church’s astonishing ecumenism writes:

“Originally, ecumenism was concerned with unity among Christians. But it is now, increasingly…seek[ing] the union of all religions, Christian or non-Christian. On May 19, 1964, Paul VI officially launched a Secretariat for the non-Christians…[which] played an important role during the last two sessions of the Council [Vatican II]…. Some months later, Msgr. Wojtyla [who became Pope John Paul II] declared: ‘Nostalgia for the unity of Christians makes common cause with that unity for the whole human race…. This gives rise to the attitude of the Church towards the other religions, which is based on the recognition of their spiritual values…reaching out to such religions as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism….’”