Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

The Roman Catholic belief that Christians must establish an earthly kingdom, and the accompanying rejection of a rapture of Christians to heaven, has been adopted by many Protestants. This belief is becoming a major factor among charismatics, and noncharismatics of Reformed persuasion such as the Reconstructionists, many of whom now ridicule the rapture as an “escape theory.” Robert Schuller has said, “When we built this church [the Crystal Cathedral], our aim was to construct such a building that it would stand for centuries.” Obviously he does not entertain the hope of an imminent return of Christ to take him to heaven, as did the early church. Schuller imagines “a professor of church history teaching in a theological seminary in the year 2300…outlin[ing] the history of Christianity”:

“The sixteenth-century Reformation will be seen as a reactionary movement…. And the period from 2000 AD on will be labeled as the Age of Mission…. [When] we find healing from the self-esteem-destroying emotions…we shall see a new church emerge in the next century—a body of believers who are relaxed, confident, inwardly secure people.”