Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Man will never unravel the mystery underlying the existence of space, time, and matter. Each door that science opens reveals ten more unopened doors on the other side. The unknown explodes ahead of us with each new discovery like receding images in a hall of mirrors. Nobelist Niels Bohr said of quantum mechanics, “If you think you understand it, that only shows you don’t know the first thing about it.” Indeed, we don’t know what anything is—gravity, energy, the electron, or anything else. Science has given up the once-proud hope of exploring final reality. We earlier quoted Sir James Jeans:

“The outstanding achievement of twentieth-century physics is not the theory of relativity… or the theory of quanta … or the dissection of the atom … [but] it is the general recognition that we are not yet in contact with ultimate reality. …”