Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

At what point the physical interfaces with the spiritual we do not know. But somewhere out there (or in there?) is another nonphysical universe (or universes?) entirely beyond our grasp. Whether the spiritual underlies the physical, is an extension thereof, or is something entirely different cannot be determined by any scientific methods or instruments.

The imposing reality of this “spiritual” dimension can no longer be denied. Joan Borysenko, cancer cell biologist and New Age leader, talks of “psychology and medicine and spirituality all [coming] together.” With the failure of science to provide the answers the heart seeks, the world, instead of turning to God and to His sure Word, has turned back to mysticism and occultism, now supported by psychology. And even the prestigious American Journal of Psychiatry admitted that often the former works better than the latter:

“Patients given conventional mental-health treatment in Puerto Rico reported less improvement than those who went to spiritist healers. … [In] spiritist healing … mediums receive spirit messages or become possessed by spirits in order to diagnose, counsel or prescribe herbal and ritual remedies.”