Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Mother Teresa was only expressing Roman Catholic doctrine. Vatican II anathematizes anyone who dares to believe that one does not need (in addition to Christ’s suffering on the cross) to suffer for one’s own sins. To this day, many Catholic priests and nuns wear hair undergarments, put stones in their shoes, flagellate themselves, and otherwise try to merit heaven by suffering. Poverty and suffering were not simply endured by Mother Teresa but were sought and even created as a means of preparation for heaven. Consider this example:

“Given use of a three-story convent with many large rooms…the sisters…pulled up all the carpeting in the rooms and hallways. They pushed thick mattresses out the windows and removed all the sofas, chairs and curtains…. People from the neighborhood stood on the sidewalk and watched in amazement. The beautifully constructed house was made to conform to a way of life intended to help the sisters become holy. Large sitting rooms were turned into dormitories where beds were crowded together…. The heat remained off all winter in this exceedingly damp house. Several sisters got TB during the time I lived there.”