Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

This tiny, much-admired woman, soon to be voted a saint by her Church, received more than a million dollars from Charles Keating of Lincoln Savings and Loan. He was sentenced to prison for having swindled hundreds of millions of dollars from simple folk. Keating, a staunch Roman Catholic, was visited by Mother Teresa whenever she was in California. She wrote to Judge Lance Ito requesting leniency for Keating. Here is an excerpt from the reply which Paul W. Turley, a Deputy District Attorney, wrote to Mother Teresa:

“I am writing to you to provide a brief explanation of the crimes of which Mr. Keating has been convicted, to give you an understanding of the source of the money that Mr. Keating gave to you, and to suggest that you perform the moral and ethical act of returning the money to its rightful owners…. Ask yourself what Jesus would do if he were…in possession of money that had been stolen…. I submit that Jesus would promptly and unhesitatingly return the stolen property to its rightful owners. You should do the same. You have been given money by Mr. Keating that he has been convicted of stealing by fraud. Do not permit him the ‘indulgence’ he desires. Do not keep the money. Return it to those who worked for it and earned it!”

That letter was written more than five years before Mother Teresa’s death. According to now Assistant District Attorney Turley, he never received a reply from Mother Teresa, who made no move to return those wrongfully acquired funds.