Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Freud said that religion is the “enemy.” Yet he established a new destructive religion with man as god. In fact, like Jung, Freud was heavily involved in the occult. In their new book The End of “Christian Psychology,” Martin and Deidre Bobgan point out:

“Freud ... collected a large number of ancient Greek, Roman, Oriental, and Egyptian artifacts ... rows of statuettes arranged on his desk and around his office.

One person who knew the family said that for Freud, ‘The artifacts weren’t only decorative. He used some of them to help him to write.’ One writer suggests ... [that] Freud may have been practicing ... an ancient form of magic in which consecrated statues representing spirits or transpersonal powers would engage the magician in imaginal dialogues and supply him with invaluable knowledge.”