Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Psychologists have developed several hundred rival theories and several thousand therapies. Any primitive superstition or newly invented scam, from Primal Scream to Rebirthing and Past Life Regression, becomes legitimate when it is labeled “therapy.” In an article titled “Psychology Goes Insane, Botches Role As Science,” psychologist Roger Mills writes: “I have personally seen therapists convince their clients that all of their problems come from their mothers, the stars, their biochemical make-up, their diet, their life-style and even the ‘karma’ from their past lives.” A brochure put out by former Dominican nun Kathleen A. FitzGerald, Ph.D., reads:

“Sacred Psychology ... [is] exploring and understanding the unique nature, color and feel of our individual souls. It is about Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval, Soul Care and Soul Celebration. ... The Inner Child sends her/his Soul into exile until it is safe to return. ... In Native American Spirituality, shamans journey to Retrieve Soul. ...”

This is mythology!