Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

[Cont.] Concerning the third alternative (of highly evolved extraterrestrials), we have already seen the impossibility of evolution and that the facts eliminate the ETI hypothesis. Author Robert A. Baker points out that no one has been able to produce a “material artifact that unquestionably proves alien spaceships exist, or that alien forms of life—intelligent or otherwise—exist,” and until then one must remain “unconvinced of any and all reports of aliens, alien spaceships, and alien abductions.” California clinical psychologist Terence Sanbek raises another obvious common-sense objection:

“To go to the nearest star is going to take years…[even] if you travel at the speed of light, which you can’t. When you got there, would you talk to a drunken fisherman from Mississippi or would you talk to a head of state? If you’re that intelligent, you couldn’t act that stupid.”