Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Altered Consciousness: Occultism’s Master Key |

Dave Hunt

Professor Courtney Brown was involved in TM at its highest Siddhis level. He also trained to have out-of-body experiences (OBEs) at Robert Monroe’s Institute in Virginia before he got into remote viewing. The key to all three is the altered state of consciousness in which, Brown says, “logic” ceases and we become part of a “field of consciousness.” Robert Monroe developed a patented technology called “Hemisync” that “makes one’s mind resonate mechanically like that of a great seer or mystic who has spent a lifetime exploring the boundaries of consciousness.” At that point, says Brown, one enters “subspace,” where “an aspect of each of us exists…as do other beings.”

Says Brown, “I have personally remote-viewed an insignia on the uniform of an ET…I have had extensive experience with a variety of extraterrestrials. Most of this contact has been through remote viewing.” In the same manner, he claims to have contacted “Jesus” and “God” (the latter is still evolving!), and Buddha, who, says, Brown, “sits on the Federation Council that helps monitor the affairs of humans on earth. To this day, he watches over us.” As always in occultism, Jesus and God are lowered to Buddha’s level.

If Brown were not a Ph.D. still actively teaching in a university, one would think he had gone mad. He has talked to “Jesus” and “God” and “Buddha”? He has been in touch with Martians and other races of ETIs? And a major publisher, Dutton/Penguin, prints this incredible occult fantasy?

Clearly, the altered state essential for remote viewing opens one to demonic influence. Satan feeds remote viewers bits of valid information to keep them involved, then slips in his lies along with signs and wonders. And enough pseudo-scientific support is published for multitudes to be convinced. Daniel Ross writes in UFOs and the Complete Evidence from Space:

“The interplanetary visitors watched all our space developments, and particularly our trips to the Moon…. Scientific specialists advising government and military authorities believed that Venus and Mars were the origin of the spacecraft.”

The story of how Brown’s wife (a TM instructor) was visited by one of the “Greys” (alleged species of ETIs which Brown had never described or discussed with her) at a crucial time, and how a “luminous being” that appeared to Brown led him into contact with the military remote viewer who trained him in this technique, follow the pattern of demonic guidance. His experiences in “subspace” of meeting the usual “bright light,” dead relatives, and ETIs are similar to encounters experienced by the clinically dead in near-death experiences (NDEs). Here we have the whole occult picture as we have been documenting it.