Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Apparitions of Angels, Ghosts, and Mary |

Dave Hunt

A further indication of the occult invasion is the large number of people seeing not only UFOs but angels, Marian apparitions, and discarnate spirits. Nona Coxhead

advertised in newspapers in her native England for those who were willing to share personal mystical experiences. Says Coxhead, “So many mystic experiences came pouring in to me that I had to stop advertising—fast!” A. J. Russell, who published God Calling and promoted the Oxford Group, was a firm believer in appearances of the dead. As the quote opposite indicates, Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, believes he receives guidance from his dead father. Is this just a “feeling” generated by wishful thinking and affected by the occult influence of his coach, Phil Jackson? Or is it something more than that?

Even cadets at the military academy at West Point have reported seeing “ghosts.”

Plebes swear that they witnessed several appearances of a ghostly soldier about five feet, three inches tall, dressed in full Jackson-era regalia. The “ghost” repeatedly appeared and dematerialized in Room 4714 of the 4th Division barracks. West Point has had a number of such “appearances.”

Researchers have noted the same occult influence present in appearances of ghosts, UFO encounters, and apparitions of angels and Mary. In contrast to UFOs, which are witnessed in normal consciousness, Marian apparitions (with some exceptions) are “seen” only by certain “visionaries” who are in an altered state of consciousness.

Nevertheless, multitudes (without “seeing” the “virgin”) are convinced by rosary beadschanging color, apparent healings, and changed lives. Investigative reporter Michael H. Brown (who exposed the Love Canal toxic waste debacle) is one of many converted through the apparitions. Having investigated a number of them, Brown writes:

“During … the last ten years, we … have been experiencing a major supernatural episode.… In Europe and Asia, in Nicaragua and the Middle East, in Africa and America, are accounts of an apparitional woman calling herself the Blessed Virgin Mary who appears to visionaries and gives them inspiration, instructions, and messages, including warnings about the future of the world. … The reports of … the apparitions of a saintly woman whom Catholics call Our Lady or the Queen of Heaven are remarkably consistent. …”