Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Beware of the Frauds |

Dave Hunt

Although we are warning of the occult (demonic power) behind much in the holistic movement, it is not all occultism. There are also many frauds who rely upon deceit while pretending to have some mysterious power. This is true of many of the so-called psychic surgeons, notably in the Philippines and Mexico. Trickery is likewise used by witch doctors in the jungle, where one would imagine it would not be needed because Satan would have unchallenged power.

In 1930, Franz Boas published a partial autobiography of Giving-Potlatches-to-the-World, a Kwakiutl shaman. He tells how his initiation into shamanism came about through observing the healing techniques of the shamans in his tribe. During the healing ceremony, Making-Alive, assisted by four other shamans, locates the place of sickness on a patient’s chest, sucks out of it something that looks like a bloody worm, declares he has extracted the sickness, and sings his sacred song. He vomits blood and a piece of shining quartz which he throws into the air. As it “vanishes” he declares that he has shot it into the stomach of Giving-Potlatches-to-the-World. At that point the latter is invited to become a shaman and decides to accept the offer.

The four-year course includes techniques for deceiving patients and witnesses into believing that magic was being performed when in fact it was a fraud. The “bloody worm” was simply a bit of eagle down placed in the mouth before the “healing” and soaked in blood drawn by biting the tongue. Perhaps the most interesting part of his story was the fact that his techniques were so convincing that people seemed actually to be cured because they were convinced he had removed the sickness or evil. It is the placebo effect once again.

This is not to say that all shamans are frauds. Some are indeed the servants of Satan, and demons work through them in astonishing ways to keep their devotees in bondage to their false religion. Wade Davis explains something of holistic medicine in Haiti’s vodoun society. It all has a familiar ring:

“In vodoun society, the physician is also the priest, for the condition of the spirit…determines the physical state of the body. Good or bad health results…from the proper or improper balance of the individual…. Health is a state of harmony…something holy…for the gods…. To restore the patient’s health may involve a number of techniques. At the material level these include herbal baths and massage…and perhaps most importantly, a sacrifice, that the patient may return to the earth a gift of life’s vital energy. But it is intervention on the spiritual plane that ultimately determines the patient’s fate, and for this the houngan is but a servant of the loa. The spirit is called into the head of either the houngan or an assistant, and like an oracle the physical body of man dispenses the knowledge of the gods.”

There are many holistic practitioners who are sincere but who have themselves been deceived into learning techniques which have no efficacy. We have named a few. Let the reader do his or her own research and remember that if there is no physiological/medical explanation, then either the treatment is a fraud or, if it works, it may well be due to an occult power.

Holistic medicine is clearly a major beachhead of the occult invasion. It seems to provide evidence for the existence of a mysterious power available to anyone’s “faith.” It gives support to Al Gore’s thesis that what this world needs is “faith in a higher power, by whatever name….” Holistic medicine is but one more giant step for mankind toward the coming world religion of Antichrist.