Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Beyond Psychic Power |

Dave Hunt

Naturalism seeks to explain all such powers, whether of a Samson or a demoniac, saint or sinner, as within the capabilities of ordinary human beings—if only one can learn the secret. An editorial in Gold Prospector magazine suggests that dowsing (which is representative of all occultism) is simply a way of “ask[ing] nature a question to which she (through your instrument) will answer….” One might as well pray to an approaching tornado.

In an earlier chapter we quoted Fordham University professor John J. Heaney, a Catholic theologian. Heaney provides numerous examples of psychic powers and attempts to prove their validity. He then asserts that these powers are innate within everyone, that “certain kinds of paranormal healing…visions, levitations, stigmata, and in general the manifestation of para-psychological powers…[are] natural human powers….”

Heaney’s naturalism reduces Christ to a psychic. Although Heaney claims that he “Accepts the unique God-manhood of Jesus,” he suggests that Jesus manifested “some remarkable powers of telepathy and clairvoyance” such as an exceptional psychic might naturally display. Heaney also suggest that the alleged “telepathic feats of some saints and holy people” and the ability of Padre Pio and others to apparently “read the minds of their penitents” are normal human abilities which do not “seem to require any unique and different intervention by God.”

In support of his naturalism, Heaney refers to a number of famous psychics, mediums, psychic healers, and those manifesting psychokinesis whose powers seem to have withstood the scrutiny of science and who are not religious. These psychics claim no spiritual connection. He writes:

“Dr. Dolores Krieger of NYU has trained many nurses in touch therapy. In controlled experiments this technique has been shown to change hemoglobin content in the blood. It has been introduced into many hospitals in the United States.”

It is quite apparent that psychic powers are not normal human powers, but spiritual powers that do not emanate from the brain or body. Even the secular researchers admit these are “paranormal” powers. The very investigation of these powers is called “parapsychology” and is related to “transpersonal psychology,” which goes beyond the human to something “higher.” There are only two possible sources of paranormal power: God or Satan.

According to the Bible, the only legitimate paranormal powers are gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians:12:8-10). Clearly distinguishing them from human capabilities, these gifts are distinctly described as “the manifestation of the [Holy] Spirit” (verse 7). These miraculous gifts are attributed to God alone: “All these worketh that one and the selfsame [Holy] Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will” *verse 11).

That “psychic power,” though just as surely not of human origin, is something entirely different from the gifts of the Holy Spirit should be clear. Satan wants to fulfill his ambition to be a god (“like the Most High”—Isaiah:14:14) through humans who have been seduced by the same impossible aspiration. The power he channels through them is the proof he offers that they too can become gods. In fact, “psychic powers” enslaves those through whom Satan manifests it.

Multitudes today are captivated by the delusion of limitless human potential. Having swallowed that bait, they are trapped in the endless pursuit of paranormal powers. Fueling that pursuit is the belief that some secret key will unlock unlimited potential, that there is some ritual or technique or state of consciousness which will by some “law” bring forth this supranormal knowledge and energy.

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