Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Calculated Brainwashing Process |

Dave Hunt

Closed to Christianity as too dogmatic, public schools became the experimental laboratories for the latest psychological theories and all manner of occultism, from Native American spirituality and yoga to witchcraft. Universities became the proving grounds of the revolution against not only democracy but the conventional family and all Christian values.

It was Phil Jackson’s brother, Joe, older by four years, who had also “lost his faith” in spite of “speaking in tongues” for a time, who led Phil into self-hypnosis and also introduced him to Zen Buddhism. Joe, in turn, had learned the latter from a professor at the University of Texas. College had the same effect on Phil. His roommate, a former Lutheran, encouraged Phil “to take a detached look at the [Christian] belief system…and explore life more freely. It was a heady feeling. The sixties were in full swing, and I immersed myself in the counterculture….”

In Phil’s senior year (1967) he married, and he and his wife had a daughter. He writes that the great appeal of the ‘60s for him “was the emphasis on compassion and brotherhood, getting together and loving one another right now….” Yet he and his wife, having pledged their love to each other, were divorced. Jackson explains that the youth were “trying to escape from their parents’ archaic views and reinvent the world.” And the schools themselves were deliberately encouraging that “escape,” especially from Christianity.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to control the thinking of the world’s citizens—and Christianity stands in the way. Most of the world’s governments have been involved in experiments with covert hypnosis, secret administration of drugs, electric shock treatments, and electrical stimulation of the brain in attempts to control human behavior. Thousands have been tortured in these experiments, not only in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, but today in Muslim countries and the West. The United States is no exception. Two of the CIA’s programs which have been reported upon to some degree by others were BLUEBIRD and MKULTRA. Space limitations prevent further comment.

Educators, psychologists, and psychiatrists (beginning with Dewey, Skinner, Pierce, et al.) are determined to control the minds of our youth by seemingly legitimate means. The government has been passing laws which make manipulation of the mind possible through the public schools. Evangelical Christianity (which stands in the way of the coming world religion) must be destroyed. In its place, Native America spirituality and the occult techniques of shamanism (such as visualization of inner guides) are being introduced.