Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Calculated Destruction of Morals |

Dave Hunt

A recent Reader’s Digest poll across the country shows that the courts, media, and public schools are forcing upon children humanistic values to which their parents and an overwhelming majority of American citizens are opposed. For example, 80 percent disapprove of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that it is unconstitutional to offer prayer at a high school graduation, while only 18 percent approve. As for prayer in public schools (voluntary and personal, not regimented), 75 percent favor it and only 19 percent are opposed. William J. Bennett, Secretary of Education from 1985 to 1988, declared:

“The Founding Fathers intended [Christian] religion to provide a moral anchor for our democracy…. Yet again and again as Education Secretary…I was attacked as an ‘ayatollah’ when I supported voluntary school prayer—and the posting of the Ten Commandments in schools. There is a fight in this country for the minds of our children.”

Tragically, the public education system in the United States is devoted to destroying Christian beliefs and replacing them with evolution, witchcraft, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Native American religion. In most schools in the Western world, teaching provides the excuse for indoctrination. Jean-Francois Revel makes that point about his native France:

“The abuse of trust and the betrayal of the teacher’s moral duty shine forth here in ignominious fashion…. Right up until 1967 all French school textbooks provided an idyllic vision of the USSR, in accordance with the most optimistic propaganda clichés…. Teaching gave way to militant preaching. Thus, in a teachers’ guide, the author (Vincent, Bordas, 1980) gave his colleagues the following instructions:

“Two camps exist in the world: one imperialist and antidemocratic (USA) one antiimperialist and democratic (USSR)….

“[Even as late as 1987, when there was no excuse for not knowing the horrible truth] the achievements of the Soviet economy were described in [glowing]…terms…not in partisan newspapers…but in school textbooks imposed on children….”

Parents who object to the gross breach of trust on the part of the educational system and to its calculated destruction of their children’s morals are denied the right to “interfere” in (and often even to know) what public schools are doing to their own children. For their legitimate concern, they are scorned as “fanatical fundamentalist Christians,” now the most demeaning of epithets. Writer Tom Robbins expressed today’s contemptions defiance of God and His word:

“Our purpose is to consciously, deliberately evolve toward a wiser, more liberated and luminous state of being, to return to Eden, make friends with the snake and set up our computers among the wild apple trees.”