Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Call to Reason |

Dave Hunt

It was the unnatural act of reason opposing the natural processes of nature that brought under control a host of formerly fatal diseases, that lowered the death rate in infants, and that has extended the average life expectancy. The repeated unnatural act of taking out an appendix or transplanting a kidney or removing a tumor has saved countless lives. Such realities ought not to be forgotten in the rush to worship a mythological Earth Mother.

Only a relentless battle against nature has achieved the many comforts and benefits unknown in earlier times and taken for granted today. None is a product of nature. There is nothing natural about computers, television, space travel, dams, bridges, books, or even such basic necessities of human life as weaving, food processing, plowing, planting, weeding, or cooking. Then why the cry to “get back to nature”?

Moreover, it was Western science that brought these benefits to mankind. These blessings would never have resulted from Hinduism’s pantheistic philosophy or Eastern mysticism. Nor would medical science ever have blossomed from the beliefs of the North American Indians, which the West is now embracing in its pursuit of “oneness with nature.” What irony, that indigenous peoples who still find themselves appealing to unheeding spirits against the diseases which ravage them in nature’s own undeveloped territory (diseases which modern medicine has cured) are now being exalted as examples for universal emulation!

This is not to deny that some plants and roots with healing qualities have been discovered by native peoples or that they have something to teach us. Nor is it to deny that ecological destruction has been unnecessarily wrought by the human folly and avarice of “civilized” peoples. At the same time, however, charges against science and technology must be made on reasonable grounds. It is a quantum leap from respecting and protecting our environment (which we should do) to deifying “Mother Earth.”