Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Compounding the Error |

Dave Hunt

Many people who call themselves Christians are drawn into the occult because it acknowledges the reality of the soul and spirit and can even sound biblical in doing so. This apparent agreement with the Bible is a deliberate setup by Satan in order to lead simple souls into deeper deception.

Professor Brown believes that the human soul exists throughout the entire universe at all times. Thus to view anything going on anywhere in the universe is simply to change one’s center of awareness from the body to the soul. Here is “The Mission of the Farsight Institute”:

“The Western scientific paradigm postulates that consciousness is a phenomenon strictly related to brain physiology: when the brain stops functioning, consciousness ceases to exist. This belief has dominated society, and it has inhibited scientific investigation into the nature of the soul. The consequences have been devastating … [to the] spiritual aspect of life. …

“The Farsight Institute of Scientific Remote Viewing seeks to overturn this flawed paradigm before it is too late. Research at the Farsight Institute demonstrates that consciousness is … eternal and unbounded … basic to and permeates all of physical creation … [making] knowledge of all things … possible.

“At The Farsight Institute, we are dedicated to the practical and benevolent use of Scientific Remote Viewing … [for] helping humanity to discern that which is real in … a universe filled with mystery. … Using the controls of modern science … our goal is no less than to perceive the nature of God. …”

To “perceive the nature of God” by some “scientific” technique operating in the spiritual realm would seem to pave the way for the ultimate delusion. You may be certain that Dr. Brown’s god is not the God of the Bible, or he would look to His Word for an understanding of God. Science is still on its throne even after the death of materialism. That is a recipe for disaster.