Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Dangerous Delusion |

Dave Hunt

Getting back to the discussion, Dames explains that he has a healthy fear of these evil entities—not a fear of harm to himself, he hastens to explain, because of his “connection with God and angels.” He adds, “That is the only reason I can deal in this area.” What delusion! Not only does he imagine that he is protected from evil by following scientific protocol, but that God and His angels are with him as he ventures into an area which God has strictly forbidden him to enter.

And what is it that convinces Dames that all is well? Why, it is the amazing results, of course, which he is so careful to use only for the good of humanity. And unlike some others who let their egos get in the way or who surrender their independence to these entities for a price, no harm has come to him and his remote viewers who follow the rules.

Martin commends Dames for his healthy fear of these evil entities and for his trust in “angelic and divine protection.” He praises Dames for having classical religious faith and that is why he can “venture into this field without fear…you take certain precautions out of respect for your enemy….”

Dames explains further: “I can perceive what these things are…. When I was a young man before I learned professional techniques, then I needed…faith…[in] a higher power…my God to protect me from the darkness. But now I can see into that darkness, I can shine this light in there and say, aha, over here is this and over there is that….”

Martin commends Dames, “It seems to me, Major Ed, and I’m speaking as a priest…that you are overshadowed by a godliness which I can only ascribe to my Savior….”

“I’m also a simple Christian,” replies Dames.

Neither Dames, the remote viewer, nor Martin, the Roman Catholic, seems to have any understanding of biblical Christianity. The delusion is staggering!