Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Dark and a Light Side? |

Dave Hunt

The basic foundation of occultism is the belief that an infinite Force pervades the universe which those initiated into its secrets can use to their own ends. How one controls this Force varies with each school of occultism. For some, it is essential to make contact with spirit beings or power animals who are the guardians of the Force and who channel it to or through those who come their servants. For others, this Force (which also is believed to be a reservoir of all knowledge—past, present, and future) responds to certain rituals, ceremonies, or secret techniques which can be learned and are passed down to each new generation of initiates.

Of course, the idea of an impersonal Force is enticing. Instead of being accountable to a personal Creator, how much more appealing to become one’s own god through mastery of the Force! The personal God of the Bible demands obedience, and there are consequences for disobedience. Forgiveness must be on a righteous basis; i.e., sin’s penalty must be paid. A Force, however, being impersonal, knows nothing of morals; it is there for all to use who will follow the laws or rituals by which it operates. One does not need to be a righteous or religious person to use electricity; it is the same with the Force. It is no more moral than gravity, yet it supposedly holds the key to all power and knowledge.

Occultists of all kinds claim that there is a positive and negative side to the “Force”—a “light” side and a “dark” side, as Obi Wan said in Star Wars. In witchcraft, similar terminology is used: “white” magic and “black” magic. And so it is in indigenous native spirituality all over the world, in all cultures, and at all times. The famous Lakota Medicine Man, Archie Fire Lame Deer (so admired by Phil Jackson and other celebrities), quoted at the beginning of the chapter, says exactly that.