Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The Death of Materialism |

Dave Hunt

What was modern man to do? He didn’t roll over, pinned to the mat of life by the overwhelming strength of truth. There was no great turning to the God of the Bible. Yes, there was an upsurge of Islamic and Christian fundamentalism, but it never gained general favor, certainly not in political or academic circles, nor with the media. Today’s prevailing mood is broad-mindedness, not dogmatism. The only rule is that there are no rules; the only absolute that there are no absolutes—absolutely no absolutes—especially in morals.

“Truth” is “whatever you’re comfortable with.” Just don’t try to push it on anyone else. “If it works for you, or if it feels good,” goes the saying, “that’s okay, but I’ve got my own thing.” Spirituality, yes, but not one transcendent truth.

This modern mentality is fostered to a large extent by the misleading term “human potential.” Implied in that popular expression is the proud supposition that whatever power exists in the universe, including mysterious spiritual or psychic power, it all belongs to us; it represents human potential. We are free to tap into it and use it to our own ends. Such an assumption is not only naïve but could foster a dangerous delusion.

That there is “something” beyond the physical universe—that an immaterial universe apparently exists which is not bound by time, space, and physical laws, and that it involves a mysterious power which seems to be unlimited—has become the general consensus. We now know that matter itself is not physical. The electron has no mass. Moreover, as Nobel laureate Sir John Eccles, a neurophysiologist, argues:

“But if there are bona fide mental events—events that are not themselves physical or material—then the whole program of philosophical materialism collapses. The universe…must make (spaceless) room for (massless) entities [i.e. minds].”

The existence of a nonphysical dimension inhabited by nonphysical beings is now the generally accepted belief among physical scientists. The only exceptions are a few hardcore atheists and Marxists who still cling to a discredited materialism. Arthur Koestler long ago pointed out:

“The nineteenth-century clockwork model of the universe is in shambles and, since matter itself has been dematerialized, materialism can no longer claim to be a scientific philosophy.”