Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Divination: Another Form of Witchcraft |

Dave Hunt

Of particular interest is the fact that, as the Smithsonian article documents, dowsing is now being used to uncover all sorts of information—answers to virtually every question one could ask. Dowsing, then, is simply another form of “divination” (any occult technique for obtaining information and help from the spirit world through a physical device). It is strictly forbidden in the bible. Other divination devices commonly used include crystal balls, tarot cards, Ouija boards, tea leaves, and pendulums. More occult practitioners in France are licensed to diagnose and treat illnesses by the use of pendulums than there are medical doctors in the country!

That dowsing has always been known as “water witching” is evidence that all cultures have recognized a connection between dowsing and the occult. Yet thousands of those who call themselves Christians, including pastors and other church leaders, have been involved in water witching without apparently being aware that they have been drawn into the occult. Many other beliefs and practices now acceptable within evangelical churches involve the occult. Alan Morrison tells how he was compelled to write The Serpent and the Cross because he “became convinced that there was the need [within the church] for far greater understanding and discernment concerning the meaning of the term ‘occult.’”

The occult invasion did not begin yesterday. At the same time that the early American colonists were stamping out witchcraft, they were practicing it themselves: “Renaissance esotericism…astrology, palmistry, and magical healing.” We see the same incursions in our day. Having once been involved deeply in the occult, Morrison was staggered to discover that “so many satanic influences which I had renounced on becoming a Christian were gaining increasing popularity within the Church and were upheld as valid Christian experience.” This trend is increasing.