Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Down the Primrose Path |

Dave Hunt

Although contact with such entities is claimed universally, their true identity, location, and purpose—whether “nature spirits,” “space brothers,” “Ascended Masters,” deceased loved ones, “power animals,” gods and goddesses, etc.—is always beyond verification. This ought to be disturbing, yet it seems not to be. Medical scientist Andrija Puharich writes:

“Considering that I have had two years of intermittent experience [of contact with them], I am remarkably ignorant about these beings. On the other hand I have complete faith in their wisdom and benevolent intentions toward man and living things on earth. My lack of hard knowledge about them is the kind of deficiency that does not erode my faith in their essential pursuit of the good, the true, the beautiful and the just.”

Such trusting naiveté from a scientist is astounding! Yet one finds similar trust to be universal regarding the imagined forces of nature and the spirits which allegedly control those forces. In contrast, the Bible is rejected, even though its integrity is fully demonstrated internally and externally. The message the Bible brings is not the one mankind wants to hear.

We have mentioned Bill Moyers’ television series with Joseph Campbell, the world-renowned expert on mythology. In it Campbell referred to the remarkable “commonality of themes in world myths.” To Campbell, mythology was “the song of the universe.” That mystical view that the universe is a living creature has a winsome appeal, but it fails to explain the impersonal violence of nature’s destructive forces—or man’s moral conscience. In fact, the evidence overwhelmingly proves that there are evil entities who are leading mankind down a destructive path of delusion.