Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The Embrace That Smothers |

TBC Staff

It is by such “all roads” sophistry that Hinduism has gained its reputation for tolerance toward all religions. Hinduism does indeed embrace all faiths, but in the process they are absorbed into Hinduism by the “embrace that smothers.” Whatever the Hindu in his proverbial broad-mindedness seems to accept loses its former identity and is recast in a Hindu mold. Hinduism is quite willing, for example, to embrace Christ. After all, with 330 million gods, adding one more changes nothing. And unless those who present The Jesus Film and other missionary efforts among Hindus clearly point out what is wrong with the Hindu approach, and contrast the uniqueness of Christ that distinguishes Him from all Hindu avatars, spurious conversions by the thousands could occur.

Unless the distinction has been made very clear, Hindus who seemingly “accept Jesus” do not accept the Jesus of the Bible, the Jesus who is God became man through the virgin birth and is the only “way, truth, and life.” The “Jesus” which a Hindu accepts is just one more avatar among the thousands. Thus in “accepting Jesus” Hinduism destroys the Jesus of the Bible and creates its own pseudo-Christ.

Such delusion is a major objective of occult entities who communicate with mankind. The words spoken by the “Jesus” who gave Barbara Marx Hubbard a “powerful born-again experience,” like those of the “Jesus” who dictated A Course in Miracles to psychologist Helen Shucman, present a very clear perversion of what the biblical Jesus has to say. Likewise, The Urantia Book, allegedly put together by a “commission of twenty-four spiritual administrators acting in accordance with a mandate issued by high deity authorities (the Ancient of Days),” totally perverts the Bible, and especially with regard to Jesus. In all such communications from “higher beings” there is a reinterpretation of meanings which effectively destroys historic Christianity and replaces it with a Hindu/Buddhist, pseudo-Christianity that plays into the hands of the occult. As this attitude spreads, we are seeing the preparation of the coming world religion.

This counterfeit broad-mindedness with its contempt for truth is carried to the masses by today’s most popular televangelist, Robert Schuller, who broad-mindedly declares that “we can tell the good religion from the bad religion” by whether it is “positive.” He has called upon “religious leaders…whatever their theology…to articulate their faith in positive terms…[in a] massive, united effort by leaders of all religions…[to proclaim] the positive power…of world-community-building religious values.”

The fact that the theologies of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, and evangelicalism contradict one another on vital points is apparently nothing to be concerned about so long as each is presented “in positive terms.” All religions, Schuller seems to think, represent equally valid “world-community-building religious values.” Antichrist himself couldn’t improve on that New Age double-talk!