Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Embracing the Wildest Tales |

Dave Hunt

It can hardly be coincidence that “Ramtha,” who channels through J. Z. Knight, preaches the same cosmic gospel from the East. Those who have rejected the Bible as “myth” turn right around and swallow the wildest tales—and there is none wilder than Ramtha’s.

Having allegedly lived in mythical Atlantis 35,000 years ago and having “ascended into the Seventh Heaven, where he and God became one…[Ramtha] is now part of an ‘unseen brotherhood’ of superbeings who love us and hear our prayers.” The top business leaders of the world accepted Napoleon Hill’s story of a Temple of Wisdom run by a school of Masters on the astral plane, so why not Ramtha’s delusion as well? Indeed, Ramtha’s followers include some of America’s brightest and most highly educated.

Ramtha’s teachings even influenced “managers and executives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) whose decision-making and judgments have the greatest impact on the agency….” Ramtha’s influence came through a stress management course for FAA executives over a period of years at a cost of 1.4 millions dollars to taxpayers. The bizarre training, which resulted in lawsuits against the FAA, was given by a California psychologist who is reportedly a follower of Ramtha and has even conversed with him. The amoral nature of the training and its relation to the rejection of sin and absolute truth reflects Ramtha’s blatantly anti-Christian teachings, which echo to a large extent A Course in Miracles and have been summarized as follows:

“God is neither good nor bad…. He is entirely without morals and non-judgmental. There are no divine decrees. Is-ness is his only business. Hell and Satan are the vile intentions’ of Christianity, a product of ‘your insidious Book [the Bible],’ which Ramtha advises his listeners not to read. There is no such thing as evil. Nothing you can do, not even murder, is wrong…. I AM…‘does not even have the ability to judge you.’ There is no forgiveness of sins because there are no sins to forgive. Every vile and wretched thing you do ‘broadens your understanding. If you want to do any one thing, regardless of what it is, it would not be wise to go against that feeling…. Everyone…whether he is starving, or crippled…has chosen his experience for the purpose of gaining from it….’ Why condemn the Holocaust? Every murdered Jew chose to be killed, and Hitler was merely undergoing a learning experience.”

That seemingly sane and well-educated people by the tens of thousands have become the followers of Ramtha (and of other entities who speak the same lies through various channels) makes the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult members seem rational by comparison. India, Tibet, Burma, Sri Lanka, and other countries where Eastern mysticism has been practiced for thousands of years are among the poorest countries in the world and the most blinded by superstition. Yet Westerners, having rejected the Bible, are looking for enlightenment in the very Eastern religions which destroyed and impoverished these countries.

In one of her rare accurate insights, the late psychic Jeane Dixon foresaw this massive turning to the East. The story is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Dixon relates how a serpent crawled up on her bed and wrapped itself around her:

“Its eyes were gazing fixed toward the East…. The serpent turned its head and our eyes met. Its eyes reflected all the wisdom and suffering of the ages, but also an unspoken plea for trust and understanding. It moved its head again, facing the East once more, as if to tell me that I must look to the East for wisdom and understanding. Somehow I sensed that it was conveying to me that if my trust and faith in it were great enough, I would be able to partake of its unlimited, unearthly wisdom. The serpent looked back, and while I gazed deeply into its eyes, it withdrew and vanished.”

Later reflection convinced Dixon that this serpent had been Satan appearing to her and that he was going to deceive the world on a massive scale. Who better would know the role that Eastern mysticism would play than the very instigator of that delusion! Yet Dixon thought she saw in the serpent’s eyes “all the wisdom and suffering of the ages.” How seductive is the occult invasion!

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