Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Enter the Ouija Board |

Dave Hunt

A Ouija board demonstrates the ease with which anyone can be caught up in the world of the occult. Scientific tests with a Ouija board have proved beyond dispute that an intelligence independent of the persons using the board is guiding the planchette. Sir William Barrett conducted experiments in which the operators were blindfolded and the alphabet around the board was scrambled without their knowledge. In addition, an opaque screen was held between the sitters and the Ouija to make doubly sure that those using the board could not see the letters. Under these rigorously controlled conditions the planchette moved faster than ever. In his report to the American Society or Psychical Research, Barrett said:

“For we have here, in addition to the blindfolding of the sitters, the amazing swiftness, precision and accuracy of the movements of the indicator spelling out long and intelligent messages…without halting or error…messages often contrary to and beyond the knowledge of the sitters…. Reviewing the results as a whole, I am convinced of their supernormal character, and that we have here an exhibition of some intelligent discarnate agency…guiding [the sitters’] muscular movements.”

It was through a Ouija board that Carl Rogers (at the time a complete skeptic) became convinced he had contacted the spirit of his dead wife, Helen, and received a consoling message from her. Many channelers first made contact their spirit guides through a Ouija board. The Ouija has been implicated by investigators in numerous cases of apparent demon possession. Nevertheless, it overtook Monopoly in 1967 to become America’s most popular parlor game.

The Ouija board first put Pearl Curran, a St. Louis housewife, in contact with a spirit entity which called itself Patience Worth. Patience claimed to have lived in Dorsetshire, England, in the seventeenth century. During a 20-year period Patience dictated through eighth-grade-educated Pearl Curran “more than one-and-a-half million words in poems and historical novels.” One literary pieced of 70,000 words was analyzed by Professor C. H. S. Schiller of London University, who found it to contain “not a single word [which] originated after 1600.” He stated:

“When we consider that the authorized version of the Bible has only 70% Anglo Saxon, and it is necessary to go back to Lyomen in 1205 to equal Patience’s percentage…we realize we are facing a philological miracle.”

Miracle? That hardly sounds scientific. How much more rational to admit that Curran was indeed possessed by a spirit that had perfect knowledge of pre-1600 English and of events in early England. We are faced with a phenomenon which cannot be explained away and demonstrates the reality of occultism.

According to Dr. Raymond Moody, who has spent many years investigating alleged encounters of the living with the presumed spirits of deceased loved ones, “Science can’t distinguish…[whether] this is purely a phenomenon of consciousness or some entity beyond one’s consciousness.” It is beyond the capacity of science to deal with spirits. Nor do we need any help from science to face the evidence. New York City clinician Armand DiMele, though skeptical of most channelers, acknowledges that in some cases accurate information has come through a medium that could not be known by any normal means:

“I have spoken to ‘spirit voices’ who have…told me things about my childhood. Specifics, like things that hung in the house [that he hadn’t thought of for years so the medium wasn’t “reading his mind”]. There’s some undeniable evidence that something happens, something we don’t understand and can’t measure.